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Open survey on mixed-species plantations

This survey aims at collecting past and ongoing experiences (including failures) in establishing and managing mixtures based on practitioners’ knowledge.
If you have or know about people who have planted trees in mixtures of 2 or 3 species, whether these have failed or have been successful, we would like to record the information in a database and produce a document with recommendations to practitioners on how to design and maintain a successful mixed species plantation.
To rate the success of the mixed species plantation we propose 4 levels:
• 0 = no success (failure)
• 1 = small success, at least the different tree species survived in mixtures
• 2 = moderate success, the tree species survived and produced wood, non wood products or biomass in mixtures
• 3 = full success, tree species produced a lot of wood or biomass in mixtures, and this type of mixed species plantation has been adopted by forest owners and practitioners

This survey is short and will take only a few minutes to fill, but will be very helpful for the forest and scientific community.

We thank you for your time and will keep you informed of any publication resulting from this survey.
Yours faithfully
The team from COMFOR project, MIXFORCHANGE project, FAO forest unit, IUFRO Task Force Resilient Planted Forests serving society and bioeconomy and CORKNUT project

List of Tree species used in your mixed plantations
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Proposed list
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Bioclimatic area
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number of tree
Plantation year
Initial Stocking
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Stand location
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Main objective/
Success/ failure
Main cause of failure
(Competition, storm, stability,
become pure, financial losses...)
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Main difficulties and/or concern in management of mixtures
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